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Esgoto Sanitário

Efluente Industrial
Transforme este custo em beneficio

Disposal of industrial and sanitary sewage into public networks is generally charged based on consumption
of water supplied by the concessionaire and/or captured by wells. This form of charging has brought a
series of questions and doubts. Often the user does not agree with what is being charged
because you think you are not disposing of the same volume consumed as you use water to water gardens, fields
athletics, central air conditioning systems, chillers, reuse, etc. And on the other side the dealership claims
that many users are paying less than they should because they discard more than they are charged because
They also use water from tank trucks, illegal wells, rainwater connected to the sewage network, etc.

Who is right, the user or the dealership?
Sometimes the user with the best intentions of paying the “real” value of the discarded sewage searches the
market indications on how to achieve direct measurement of the effluent and find a lot of information with
several options, sometimes ask for guidance from professionals at the dealership itself and generally it is
recommended to install a flow meter, the most common and generally recommended is the Parshall gutter. O
Parshall meter widely known as flow meter for unfilled pipelines with flow through
severity, but due to ignorance of the sizing and installation standards, it ends up creating a problem
larger, installing the meter incorrectly and the measurement consequently begins to register more and
The user will probably pay more and after this expense, feeling harmed, they will have to pay again for the water meter and end up at a loss.
In order to minimize this impasse that occurs in all regions of the country, sometimes reaching
time-consuming and exhausting legal processes is that Incontrol provides the “System for Measuring
Flow of Discarded Effluent” which is suitable for condominiums, shopping centers, hotels, clubs,
Colleges/Universities and industries in general. The Effluent Flow Measurement System
discarded is developed on a case-by-case basis. Incontrol’s specialized “professionals” visit the site, carry out
measurements, document the environment and space through photos, monitor the seasonality of disposal and
After analyzing all the information, a study is carried out to define the equipment that best suits
the type of effluent and the way it is disposed of.

Why hire a professional?
The professional will ensure that the indicated equipment is the most efficient for your case, in addition to
monitor installation and start-up with the inspection body. Proper study of each situation is
fundamental condition for the investment to return at least through the certainty of what is being
charged is proportional to what is being discarded. These studies involve an analysis of the points of
disposal, population involved, type of activity carried out and countless other issues that only the
professional with specific knowledge in this type of activity can offer.
It is a one-time investment as a measurement system is designed for use
continuous period of up to 20 years. Thus, the savings generated by a reliable system amortize the investment

How much does it cost to hire a professional?
For sizing and accounting for the volume of discarded sewage, hours spent by the
professional and his advisors for consumption surveys and disposal profile, in addition to simulations




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