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Incontrol Industry and Commerce of Flow and Level Meters Ltda.

Our story


In July 1987, Level Control was created, the precursor of Incontrol, with the aim of operating in the area of level control and measurement.

With the lack of a national solution in flow measurement, Willian Abe, technical director of the company to this day and globally recognized for his qualifications in the area, joined the company.

In 1999, the São Paulo State Research Support Fund – Fapesp considered Level Control/Incontrol a high-technology company and provided non-refundable funding for the development of a level meter (https://bv.fapesp. br/pt/auxilios/126/estudo-para-o-desenvolvimento-de-meteres-de-distance-e-nivel-utilando-microondas-radar-e-laser-/) - FAPESP, Process: 99/11578-4 .



The support of a government body for a private sector company caught the attention of some investors and in 2002, REIF, an investment fund formed by the IDB, Sebrae and Banco Sudameris, decided to invest in Incontrol, which was transformed into S/ e received funding that enabled the installation of a laboratory for research, development and calibration of meters with cutting-edge equipment. Training and improvement of researchers abroad was also sought, forming a team of technicians that to this day makes a big difference at Incontrol.

In 2003, Incontrol adopted the ISO 9001 Total Quality procedure, certified by SGS, taking the company to a higher level in manufacturing quality, opening the doors to the international market. 



o REIF (Returning Entrepreneur Investment Fund – (Fundo de Investimento e Participações em Empresas Emergentes) que na época tinha como cotistas o BID Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento, Sistema Sebrae e Banco Sudameris) cumprindo seu papel de investidor retirou-se da sociedade em 2008.

In 2009, Incontrol became part of the Brazilian Calibration Network “RBC”, being accredited by CGCRE, under number CAL432 - Laboratory for Calibration of Flow Meters, following the requirements established in ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with a one of the best uncertainties and to this day the highest flow certified in a fixed laboratory in Brazil, 3,000 m3/h.



Em 2012 a Incontrol S/A alterou a razão social para Incontrol Indústria e Comércio de Medidores de Vazão e Nível Ltda. 

In 2013, while many companies imported equipment from China, Incontrol created a joint venture that made it possible to manufacture the flow converter for Incomag electromagnetic meters in that country and compete in the Asian market, where we participated in numerous exhibitions and events, definitively conquering the international market.That same year, Incontrol was approached by several European and United States groups to incorporate the company into an even larger structure. The obsession with keeping the company national meant that the corporate configuration was maintained.



After much negotiation between 2014 and 2017 with a century-old Japanese company, a service provision contract was signed with its technology for the manufacture and calibration of its brand's flow meters in Brazil, proving the training and quality achieved by a company Brazilian with three decades of struggle

Thanks to the trust placed by customers and partners, with a lean structure, Incontrol improved and diversified the product line, such as low-cost electromagnetic flow meters and an ultrasonic meter for open channels, such as the Parshall gutter, which is a reference throughout the national territory for fully complying with ABNT standards and ANA (National Water Agency) requirements. The turbine-type meter adds to the line of high-performance flow meters for fuels, supplied to several private business conglomerates in Brazil in the production and distribution segment of vehicle, air and naval fuels.


  This is INCONTROL, a Brazilian company that overcame all obstacles and today supplies flow meters throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Asian countries.

Quality Certificates

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Quality policy


Certificado de Acreditação


ISO 9001 certified 


Certified for use in drinking water - NSF

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